If your significant other has to turn the volume of the TV up because they can hear you cursing and yelling from the garage, chances are, you're working on something electrical. Let Coastal Classics take the headache out of electrical repair for you. We have the proper tools and equipment to accurately test, diagnose, and repair your electrical components.

You wouldn't want old wiring in your house, right? Then why would you want it in your car? Old  wiring significantly increase your chances of a fire, and much like a house, when a car catches on fire, those flames can spread quickly, totaling your beloved ride in a matter of minutes.

1923 Detroit Electric -- Making new battery cables.

1923 Detroit Electric -- Making new battery cables.

So whether there's a short  you just can't track down or you need an entire new wiring harness, Coastal Classics is here to meet your needs. We can even install modern conveniences like turn signals and LED lighting, making driving at night much safer.