Featured Post-War Restorations

1947 Sportsman -- FJ47 293.jpg

1947 Ford Sportsman

After nearly 60 years in storage, this wood-bodied convertible is currently undergoing a full, concours restoration by Coastal Classics. 2,250 Sportsmans were built in 1947, but not many survive today, making these cars quite rare and valuable. The wood used for these cars were a marine-grade mahogany plywood for the center section inserts, and either a maple or birch for the surrounding wood. In the case of this car, birch was the type of wood used. Please check back for completed pictures, or schedule a tour of our shop to see the restoration of this special automobile in person.


1957 Cadillac Coupe deVille

Johnny Cash famously sang about Cadillacs stating, "I always wanted me one that was long and black". Well, this car would not disappoint him! Measuring nearly 18.5 feet from end-to-end, any restorer will tell you that "long and black" requires talent and precision to get straight and flat results. Painting this car is not for the novice. Pay close attention to the pictures, and you can see the crystal clear reflections; the ultimate sign of a high caliber paint job.


1966 Chevrolet Corvair

The Corvair itself, while unique, is not especially rare. But there are two things particularly rare about this car: 1) This is a one-owner Corvair. Yes, the original owner since new! 2) The owner is as passionate about restoration as we are! Something we admiringly say is hard to match! Coastal Classics was commissioned by the owner to repaint his beloved Corvair, as well as installing some of the more difficult items like glass and drip rail moldings, but that was it. The owner took over from there, and completed the assembly himself. He did a fabulous job and we think you'll agree as the results truly speak volumes.


Additional Post-War Restorations